About us

The Company “Angel Malma” is proud to introduce new paper craft toys for children using technology created in Russia in 2011. The Company “Angel Malma” was founded in the Czech Republic in order to promote this new concept and sell these unique toys in the European market.

Being eco-friendly, safe and easy to use they inspire interest not only in children but also in adults. They can be painted and decorated in different ways according to your individual design ideas and imagination.

“Angel Malma” toys help children develop their creative and motor skills when they are creating a present, memento or a festive decoration.

Our toys were first launched and exhibited in Russia in 2011. This was a festival for paper craft toys organized by our manufacturing partner, Shar. It attracted more than 500 children and professional artists, who had the opportunity to display their toys, paintings and creations and it was a huge success.

We are looking for more European trading partners to share in our success. If you would like the opportunity to be a part of our exciting expansion, please contact us.

We’d like to meet you.


Ekaterina Zolotova,
Co-founder and Director