What is Angel Malma?

Angel Malma is a 100% eco-friendly craft toy for children, manufactured using original technology. It is crafted by hand and so every item is individual. It is designed to help children develop their creative and motor skills. The toy has a myriad of opportunities – it can be used to create a gift, a memento, collectibles, for festive decorations (Christmas, Easter, St. Valentine’s etc) or anything else imaginable. It can be decorated in different ways: with watercolours, oils, pastels, crayons, felt-tips, glitters and other materials.

All a child needs to create an individual toy is their imagination and their favourite craft materials.

Production technology

How do we create “Angel Malma” toys?
The formula is as follows:
Paper + water + our technology = eco-friendly paper toys
Our “green” toys are of simple construction and will biodegrade naturally when recycled.