Why Angel Malma?

Convenient and safe

The product is made from paper, based on the same principle as papier-mâché. This is considered a traditional material and it allows its users to combine various methods of decoration (paints, pens, felt-tip pens etc.). There is also a possibility to stick different kinds of colourful glitter and other craft materials to the toy. Nowadays safe usage is of high importance to parents, who pay more and more attention to the safety of the toys and games their children are playing with. The safety aspect of the toy is that it is made from a natural material and will not harm a child. This advantage of “Angel Malma” toys is crucial for most parents, who put safety first when purchasing. 

100% eco-friendly product

The product satisfies current demands in society for eco-friendly products and it is 100% recyclable. 

Different ways of using the toy

“Angel Malma” toys can be used for games, as well as for gifts or mementoes and even festive decorations (e.g. Christmas tree decorations), which will last and can be used again and again. 

Unique and individual product

Since the unfinished toy offers the child a blank canvas to create something very original using their imagination, it won’t look like any other toy. 

Education and development of children

The toy will help a child develop artistic talents, writing skills and help to instill creativity, as well as forming useful life skills such as patience, concentration, choosing suitable colours, paying attention to detail and many others. Decorating “Angel Malma” can be seen as time well spent. Group activities with other children and parents or carers can make this important development fun.