“Angel Malma” took part in the first festival of new paper toys in Russia in December 2011

The first festival of paper toys was organized by our partner, the Shar group of companies from Tula, in Russia.

The goal of the organizers was to regenerate an old tradition: for the whole family to make toys together. The organizers succeeded in showing guests and participants how interesting and entertaining the process of creating toys can be. For 2 days people participated in master classes conducted by professional painters. People could also buy and sell individually designed toys at the Christmas market.

During the festival our Company, “Angel Malma”, created a competition between participants called “My Magic Angel Malma”. More than 60 works were submitted and the lucky winner won a prize. You can see some of the works in our gallery.

The festival showed its visitors how it is possible to create unforgettable moments with the help of our new eco-friendly toys.